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Unbeatable Stucco Services in Shreveport, LA

No matter the stucco job at hand, our team of professional contractors always outshine the competition.

Why Choose Stucco Repair Shreveport, LA?

If you’ve found our site, it’s clear that you’re interested in some form of stucco, whether exterior, interior, residential, commercial, repair or installation

Consider us a trusted resource as you learn more about the service you need. Or maybe you’ve come here knowing all you need to know! In that case, call us today. We’d be happy to discuss the next course of action.

Residential Stucco Repair and Installation in Shreveport, LA

Even the best, most professionally installed stucco in your Shreveport properties will need to be repaired at some point.

If you’re in search of repair for your existing stucco, you’re in luck as this is our team’s specialty. If left unattended today, small holes and cracks will become tomorrow’s big issues. 

While it can be tempting to turn a blind eye to structural issues or damage, they shouldn’t be ignored. Damage can lead to the appearance of cracked masonry and the failure of structural damp proofing.

Rusting wall ties in cavity walls may leave your property with structural problems and structural instability. Siding can develop cracks and holes over time due to settling and impact damage. Once a crack or hole develops, it is important to seal it from water to prevent further deterioration. Sure, we’d all hate for this to occur in our structure, but don’t let the idea of these problems bring you anxiety. 

That’s what Stucco Repair Shreveport is here for. We fix small and big problems alike.

We alleviate your worries and resolve your problems with a fresh coat of stucco (Sorry, we’re only taking on stucco-related problems. We don’t make great therapists or life coaches).

We love the smell of fresh stucco in the morning and guarantee we’ll start every project off on the right foot and leave every job site as we found it. Stucco is one of the most durable finish materials with a life expectancy of 50-80 years, meaning once we’ve completed the installation, it will be around for a lifetime. 

Sure, it’s got durability going for it, but did you know that it also features the lowest yearly maintenance cost when compared to other siding materials? You should be thrilled at the prospects of stucco for your commercial or residential building. 

Give us a call to start scheming on your new stucco installation today! We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Perhaps you’ve found your way here because you are considering a new installation for your residential or commercial building in Shreveport, LA.

We provide stucco services for your properties in Shreveport, LA.

If neither of the aforementioned services are what you’re looking for, worry not! We also specialize in residential, commercial, painting, contractor and EIFS services as well.

We, at Stucco Repair Shreveport, LA deliver exceptional workmanship and finished results, sure, but we also value a good, quality relationship with our clients.

We’re going to be at your home and business after all, it’d be nice if we all got along, wouldn’t it? You could choose any company in the Shreveport, LA area to complete the job, but when you choose us, we promise phenomenal results and that we’ll leave your space just as we found it — but better, as you’ll have new or repaired siding to show for the money you invested in our team.

Stucco Repair Shreveport, LA stands out from the rest.

We always complete projects efficiently and at a fair price. We use only top quality products and the most qualified team of professional contractors we can find. 

Our team is experienced and will help you to make the most informed siding installation, repairs, painting and EIFS installation decisions. Home and business owners expect the best from their repair and installation company and that’s exactly what we strive for. 

We only take on jobs that we’re certain we’ll complete to the best of our ability (and we’re certain we’re capable of handling whatever project or task you throw our way).

Top Quality

Professional Contractors



There’s no need to take on a stucco DIY project when you have a team of experienced professionals in Shreveport, LA who are ready to tackle whatever comes up.

Our team of trusted pros have streamlined the installation and repair process through years of experience and knowledge we’ve collected along the way. Our promise to you is the highest quality of stucco services.

Stucco Repair and Installation in Shreveport
You could likely do a stucco DIY repair job. We, at Stucco Repair Shreveport, LA won’t argue with that.

But we’re not being too generous here, we know it won’t be flawless, the transitions won’t be seamless and you’ll certainly be able to pin it as a DIY job. You haven’t dedicated your professional life to the art of stucco repair the same way our curated team of professionals have. 

They have the knowledge and experience to make the best decisions for your project. There are years of repair after repair after installation that go into being able to think on your feet when it comes to this profession. Whether it be color matching or a process you don’t have to think twice about.

Our team knows stucco like the back of their hand; can recognize what a project needs the same way they’d be able to pick their own mother out of a crowd. Experience makes some things second nature. And we’re sure you’re a great banker, teacher, doctor — we’re sure you’re a great whatever-you-do-er. But leave the stucco to the professionals. And not just any professionals, choose a team you can trust, like Stucco Repair Shreveport.

While a stucco repair service may seem like you’ll get the same results no matter what team you call in to do it, we, at Stucco Repair Shreveport, LA can promise it’s not so simple.

By calling in the first guys that you talk on the phone with, you’re making the assumption that every team is competent enough to match the original finish and create a seamless transition from the new to the old stucco. 

Our team is one known for our skills and patience in handling stucco repair.

Shreveport stucco repair and installation go hand in hand, each one posing their own challenges and advantages.

We love a new, fresh surface to install stucco just as much as we do fixing little holes and cracks. They’re equally satisfying projects in our eyes. Stucco is made of cement, fine sand and lime mixed with water to form a paste that’s spread over a surface with trowels and in some instances sprayed with machines. Stucco can be used inside or outside (exterior or interior if you’re mousing over the tabs at the top of the page) and is an incredibly popular material — and with just cause. Stucco is known for its low cost, resistance to earthquakes and breathability in humid climates (like Shreveport, Louisiana, for example).

We’re experienced, we’re knowledgeable and we leave all our customers satisfied with the results we provide, everytime. We don’t disappoint. Ever. We’ve never disappointed even one person in our professional OR personal lives (kidding, but you get the point).
Our Shreveport team does have the know-how you want from contractors you’re paying. We can guarantee that.

We know the stuff you’d hope us to and then a little more. We’re thoroughly experienced in knowing the best weather and environmental conditions.

We’ll put up the correct sheathing materials, building paper, casing bead, weep screeds, metal lath, control joints…the whole lot. We accurately mix and apply the scratch coat and will trowel the scratch coat into the lath like nobody’s business.

After the scratch coat has wet cured, we’ll expertly mix and apply the brown coat. When that wet cures, we’ll cover with a finish coat. And there’s a different process we’ll go through when the application is over concrete or masonry.

These are all things you don’t have to worry about when hiring a team of repair and installation professionals, though. Installation is pretty hands off from where you’re at.

Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there.

Our stucco professionals in Shreveport, LA are ready to take your stucco projects. Call us today for a free estimate!
Stucco Repair Shreveport’s team takes on even the most complex of jobs and projects.

We’re excited and energized by big, difficult projects. 

We ensure every job is completed to the highest standard of quality. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done right the first time.

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